open refrigeration compressor / ammonia (R717) / single-stage / for industrial refrigeration
F, AM series J & E Hall International


  • Configuration:


  • Refrigerant:

    ammonia (R717)

  • Other characteristics:


  • Applications:

    for industrial refrigeration


Hallmark offers two different models of open compressor, AM motor compressor and F open type compressor.

F Open type compressor

The F model series offers open compressors for external drive (via V-belt or clutch). The compressor design is compact, robust and easy to handle, with oil pump lubrication.

F models available:
-F single stage
-FZ two stage
-F NH3
-FDK compressor units
-FDK NH3 compressor units

AM motor compressors

The AM range has the compact dimensions of a semi-hermetic compressor and yet offers all advantages of an open compressor. The compressor and drive motor are one unit and the separate housing is freely accessible. The machine is suitable for all standard refrigerants in application including Ammonia (NH3).

AM models available:
-AM motor compressor
-Compressors for Ammonia
-DAM duplex compressor
-AM pole changing motor compressor
-SAM receiver set & condensing unit