Screw refrigeration compressor / semi-hermetic
max. 828 m3/h | HSS series J & E Hall International


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Overview of HSS Semi-hermetic compressors
Models available
HSS 3100 5 sizes: 3118, 3120, 3122 & 3123
Displacement at 50Hz: 175/213/250/292/336 m3/h

HSS 3200 4 sizes: 3216, 3218, 3220 & 3221
Displacement at 50Hz: 286/343/415/469 m3/h

HSS 4200 4 sizes: 4221, 4222, 4223 & 4224
Displacement at 50Hz: 508/616/722/808 m3/h

Designed for high temperature applications
-Designed for incorporation into factory built chillers
-Designed for compressor packs using HFC refrigerants or R22
-Capable of operating without cooling over a limited range
-Can be inverter controlled

Comprises of the following:
-Semi-hermetic single screw design
-Optimised for R134a, R407c & R22
-Suction strainer
-Stepless capacity control system (2 built in solenoid valves)
-Discharge stop valve
-Internal relief valve
-Integral oil separator (HSS 3100 & HSS 3200)
-Flanged oil separator (HSS 4200)
-Discharge check valve
-Suction flange with tail & joint
-Liquid injection adapter
-Sight glass (x2)
-Oil charge
-2 pole electric motor with sensor protection
-Electronic protection (INT 69TM)
-Economiser connection


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