Vibrating screener / for bulk materials / for powders / for pellets
JEL VibSpeed J. Engelsmann AG


  • Type:


  • Material:

    for bulk materials, for powders, for pellets, for seeds and grains

  • Applications:

    for industry, for the food industry, laboratory, for legumes and cereals, for pharmaceutical applications



- Protective, control or classifying sieve
- Single and double decker
- Continuous screening process
- 10 size variants
- 2 or 3 fractions
- screening surface 0.24 - 3.75 m² (single-deck execution)
- screening surface 0.48 - 7.50 m² (souble-deck execution)
- Optionally available in ATEX design according to guideline 94/9 EC

Range of Application

The JEL EasyVib is specially suitable for screening tasks where machines are required to be used in a cost-effective way. This is due to its favourable cost price, simple operation and quick delivery time. It has been designed for screening processes such as protective screening and separating oversize grain from dry and pourable bulk solids in all areas of the chemical, plastics, food and other related industries.


The screening process is continuous. The machine works without dust development and at a low noise level. After opening the cover and loosening the clamping device on the front side, the sieve inserts can be removed to the top without any problem. The vibrations sieve JEL VibSpeed has an inclination of 5° adjustable by +/- 2°. The direction of vibrations is based on the arrangement of the vibrations motors. They are adjustable in intervals of 15° between 0° and 90°.


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