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Cartesian robot / 4-axis / 3-axis / for assembly
JR3000 Series Janome Industrial Equipment



  • Type:


  • Number of axes:

    4-axis, 3-axis

  • Function:

    for assembly, dispensing, screw tightening

  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, compact, vision system, low-noise, for small parts, high-precision, benchtop

  • Field:

    industrial, for the food industry, for the automotive industry, for electronics, for process applications, fast, for process automation, for the electronics industry

  • Payload:

    Min.: 3.5 kg (7.716 lb)

    Max.: 15 kg (33.069 lb)

  • Reach:

    Min.: 200 mm

    Max.: 620 mm

  • Repeatability:

    Min.: 0.006 mm

    Max.: 0.01 mm


The JR3000 Series Desktop Robot is the new flagship model from Janome.
--Both 3 and 4 axes types available
--More rigid construction for even greater speed and accuracy
--Z-Axis robot cable built into the Y-Axis housing for a more integrated, space-saving design
--Fieldbus interfacing
--CCD camera adjustment function-robot adjusts multiple work positions
--Auxiliary Axis control function-run up to 2 additional motor axes together with the robot; operate the robot with a conveyor, or add more axes to the Z-Axis and dispense or tighten screws at different angles!