benchtop robot / Cartesian / 3-axis / handling
JR3000F  Janome Industrial Equipment



  • Type:


  • Number of axes:


  • Function:

    handling, dispensing, for welding, finishing, plasma surface treatment

  • Other characteristics:


  • Field:

    industrial, heavy-duty

  • Payload:

    20, 15


Strong and tough, the JR3000F Series Heavy Duty Desktop Robot is designed to perform fine processes while handling heavier work and tool payloads. This powerful new addition to Janome’s desktop robot lineup features a five-phase feedback type stepping motor, and a brake on the Z-Axis motor to prevent the Z-Axis from descending during a sudden stop or an unexpected loss of external power.

Available in two sizes* and able to bear 20kg work payload and a 15kg tool payload, The JR3000F is ideal for processes such as dual component dispensing, hot melt dispensing, plasma finishing, ultrasonic welds and more. The JR3000F is available as either a dispensing model or standard model robot. Use our optional JR C-Points II PC software to make, edit, store and run programs from your PC. The JR3000F is also compatible with USB camera for image-based position teaching and especially for dispensing, you can use our optional needle adjuster function for position corrections.