Assembly unit
JP-S (CL) Series Janome Industrial Equipment


Available in three sizes, the Clean Class 1000* JP-S (CL) Clean Room Specification Electro Press is ideal for crimping, pulling, press-fitting, bending, and other pressing jobs. Its special design includes the following features to help you maintain a clean work environment.

--Conductive metal and/or coatings for the outer covers, shaft and screws
--Air tight construction with a vacuum port to remove dust
--Ram lubricated with low dust grease and covered with an anti-static bellows
--Slim and compact body for in-line installation
--Multiple control and monitoring methods including Ethernet interfacing
--Open Fieldbus compatibility eliminates excessive wiring
--PC software for creating programs and collecting pressing result data
--Optional pendant unit for sending commands and monitoring operations
--3 different pendant unit display languages: English, Japanese and Korean

The JP-S (CL) is not declared CE compliant for import into the EEA.
For EEA customers we recommend the JP-4CL Unit Type Clean Specification Electro Press.

*US Federal Standard 209D


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