electric press / forming / compression / riveting
JP-4 Series Stand Alone Type Janome Industrial Equipment



  • Operation:


  • Function:

    forming, compression, riveting, cutting, bending, perforating

  • Other characteristics:

    for the automotive industry, vertical, bench-top, servo-driven, with round ram, with stroke force monitoring, for the food industry, for industrial applications, round ram, for automotive parts, for press-fit pin connector applications, for coining

  • Opening:

    200, 80, 100

  • Force:



Backed by 30 years of experience in the servo press field, the Janome JP-4 Series Electro Press is available in 11 sizes and three styles with multiple stroke lengths to meet your pressing needs. The JP-4 crimps, fits, caulks, coins, pulls and carries out many other functions while consuming 80-90% less power than pneumatic and hydraulic presses.

Combine multiple pressing modes with a broad range of sensor sampling types to monitor speed, position, load, distance and other parameters. With our specialized PC software, create your own programs and collect precise position and load data for each pressing shot. Save work results and trace errors.

Model Types*: Stand Alone, Head, Unit
Stroke Lengths: Long, Standard, Short
Pressing Capacities: 0.5kN to 120kN
* Currently only the Unit Type is declared CE compliant for import into the EEA.