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JP-4CL Janome Industrial Equipment

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The Janome JP-4CL Series Clean Room Specification Electro Press is available in eight sizes and three styles to allow you freedom to install it where you need it. Compliant with clean class 10* standards, the JP-4CL does everything its sister models can do: crimping, fitting, coining, pulling, etc. while consuming 75-80% less power than pneumatic and hydraulic presses.

Usable in both clean and regular work environments, the JP-4CL features an airtight construction to minimize dust emissions, conductive metal coating on the outer casing and stainless steel external plates and screws, and the ram is lubricated with low dust grease and covered with an anti-static bellows.

Model Types**: Stand Alone, Unit

*US Federal Standard 209D.
**Currently only the Unit Type is declared CE compliant for import into the EEA.