screw feeder / automatic / manual / for hoppers
OHTAKE OM-26 Series Janome Industrial Equipment



  • Type:


  • Operational mode:

    automatic, manual

  • Product applications:

    for hoppers, screw, bottle top

  • Other characteristics:

    high-precision, compact


The OHTAKE OM-26 automatic screw feeder system makes your screw tightening much faster compared to hand-based screw feeding. The interchangeable rail system works with various screw sizes and types. When it is time to supply a different size or kind of screw, just replace the rail.

In addition, the horizontal screw carrying system feeds screws more smoothly and quickly than conventional screw feeders. Versatile and efficient, the OM-26 can significantly improve your assembly operations.

--Radial indexing escaper ensures a smooth, steady screw supply.
--Compatible screw sizes range from 2.0mm to 6.0mm, screw lengths up to 25mm.
--Scooping Chamber holds up to 300cc.

Model Types:
--OM-26R for automated (robotic) screw tightening
--OM-26M for manual screw tightening

Formerly known as Quicher Screw Feeders, OHTAKE Screw Feeders are made in Japan under the strictest quality standards.