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screw feeder / automatic / manual / for hoppers
OHTAKE NJ Series Janome Industrial Equipment



  • Type:


  • Operating mode:

    automatic, manual

  • Product applications:

    for hoppers, screw


The OHTAKE NJ Series automatic screw feeder system makes screw tightening much faster than when using hand-based feeding. The interchangeable rail system makes the Quicher usable with various types and sizes of screws. When you want to feed a different screw type just replace the rail.

In addition, the horizontal screw carrying system feeds screws more smoothly and quickly than conventional screw feeders.

*Compatible screw sizes range from 2.0mm to 5.0mm, screw lengths up to 18mm.
*Scooping Chamber holds up to 150cc.
*Optional screw hopper holds an additional 400~800cc.

Model Types:
* NJR for automated (robotic) screw tightening
* NJ for manual screw tightening
* NJC (manual type) has an optional screw counter; set the number of screws you want to feed.

Formerly known as Quicher Screw Feeders, OHTAKE Screw Feeders are made in Japan under the strictest quality standards.