Multiple-purpose cartesian robot
JR-2000N Series Janome Sewing Machine

The Janome JR2000N Series Desktop Robot is available in both 3 and 4 axis types for a variety of applications, including screw-tightening, dispensing, PC board cutting and soldering.

The JR2000N offers you the stability needed for precision operations with a highly rigid single aluminum alloy die cast base and column made from an aluminum alloy extrusion. Micro-step control minimizes vibration and delivers smooth movement.
Install a CCD camera and height sensor for position error detection and even greater quality control.

Creating and teaching applications is easy as the JR2000N comes with a space saving internal controller with the application software installed and a large display teaching pendant. It has an internal memory capacity for up to 255 programs or 30,000 job points and a sequencer capacity of 100 programs (1,000 steps per program). Point-based job teaching and application-specific programming eliminates the need to learn a complicated robot language. Use our optional PC software to program your robot via an external interface and save program data on your PC.

The JR2000N is capable of point-to-point, continuous path, and (in our 4 axis model) three dimensional arc movement. Use the pallet function to perform the same task many times over on a work pallet.

Coordinate values can be set in either inches or millimeters and you can choose any of the following languages for your teaching pendant display: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Czech, Korean, (simplified) Chinese, and Japanese.


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