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CAD software / development / quality control / inspection



  • Function:

    CAD, development, quality control, inspection

  • Applications:

    process, industrial, construction, for sheet metal, mechanical

  • Type:

    3D, automated

  • Other characteristics:



NX CAD contains a powerful solution for comprehensive 3D product development. The software has design templates enabling the acceleration and standardisation of the development process. The designer works interactively with the NX CAD tools on the visualised assembly design, in the context of the complete assembly. Modern tools, such as freeform modelling, object rendering and visualisation, mean that NX CAD provides all the necessary functionalities for industrial design. The NX design software also contains process-specific modelling tools for sheet metal construction, welding and routing. Relevant manufacturing information is handled in the design process and controls an automated manufacturing process.

Faster development process
Reduced product development costs
Improved product quality
Increased productivity
More efficient manufacturing
Fast, flexible part and sub-assembly modelling
Industrial design & styling
Packaging design
Mechanical design
Electromechanical design
Mechatronics Concept Designer
Mechanical simulation
Electromechanical simulation
Tool- & jig design
Quality control & inspection