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programming software / design / automation / process
NX Progressive Die Design JANUS ENGINEERING



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    programming, design, automation

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NX Progressive Die Design offers a new type of solution for the design of progressive dies. Manufacturers not only shorten their delivery times by using this module, but also optimise and automate their tool design processes. From the design to tool validation - NX Progressive Die Design is a comprehensive solution for manufacturers of progressive dies.
Fewer errors in tool design
Automation of manufacturing processes
Reduction in CNC programming time
Centralisation and control of the design information
Clearly-structured process development
The standard NX functions support you in the efficient design of sheet metal parts. Using bend tables, you can create parts with pre-bends and overbends.
The handling of the bent part through to the untreated strip enables the complete process to be illustrated. The associativity between the part design and the progressive die becomes a matter of course with the NX software. Internal factory standards and their reuse can be recorded and used and optimised through to production.