multi-tube heat exchanger / water/oil / compact
BAMCNZSC series jbj Techniques Limited



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Safety cooler gives protection against cross flow contamination.

High efficiency fail safe heat exchanger using a double tube system, avoiding the danger of mixing the hot and cold fluid.

The advantages of the hybrid design, such as a compact size and the latest internal bypass valve, can be completely utilized. In the event of a leakage the fluid is directed to a designated area, there it is then detected by a special sensor. Maximum security is ensured by a 100% electronic monitoring.

» Sealed double tube technology.
» Protects against over pressure.
» 100% electronic monitoring.
» Leak detector available on request certfied to IECEx.
» Monitors thermal changes in sealing liquid volume.
» Variety of materials suit many applications.
» Seawater versions on request.