Laser light source / multiple wavelength / compact


  • Illumination technology:


  • Spectrum:

    multiple wavelength

  • Other characteristics:


  • Wavelength:

    Min.: 1528.4 nm

    Max.: 1563.9 nm


The most compact tunable optical laser source for field applications; designed to support ROADM network channel routing applications.

JDSU’s SMART Optical testers are getting even smarter with the market’s first field-usable tunable laser source.
The TLS-55 Smart Optical tunable laser source is designed to support ROADM network channel routing applications. These handheld light sources are setting new benchmarks when it comes to size, weight and power. The tester also provides wavelength tuning in C-band or L-band on a footprint of only 195 x 95 mm at a weight of 500 g is unique in today’s market.
C-band tunable wavelength range (191.7 THz to 196.15 THz)
1510 nm laser option with C-band devices
L-band tunable wavelength range ( 186.35 THz to 190.90 THz)
50GHz, 100 GHz or 200 GHz channel spacing ( according to ITU-T)


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