inspection microscope / optical / digital camera / image-processing



  • Technical applications:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    digital camera, image-processing, fiber optic inspection

  • Magnification:

    200 unit, 400 unit


Key Features
Two microscopes in one system; inspect both the bulkhead (female) and patch cord (male) ends of fiber interconnect
A/B switch on display lets users quickly toggle fiber views of bulkhead and patch cord
1.8-in TFT LCD to view clear, crisp, detailed images of fiber end faces with optimum resolution
Ergonomic small form factor design for ultimate portability
200X or 400X magnification patch cord microscope in display
GripSwitch™ for power save mode (conserves battery life)

HD3-P Display
The new HD3-P display from JDSU further expands the value of the popular HD3-
series display for fiber end face inspection by integrating a patch cord viewing
microscope into the compact design, resulting in significantly increased workflow
efficiency and decreased total inspection time. The HD3-P combines the power of
two microscopes into one system, allowing simultaneous inspection of both the
female (bulkhead) and male (patch cord) sides of a fiber interconnect. The HD3-series
display is well known for its high-quality image resolution and compact, portable
design, and with the addition of the integrated patch cord microscope, it is sure to be
the preferred tool for fiber technicians.

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