generator set for military applications / three-phase / diesel / transportable
JENOPTIK I Defense & Civil Systems



  • Phase:


  • Motor type:


  • Portability:


  • Cooling system:


  • Applications:

    for military applications, for vehicles

  • Power in kVA:

    8 kW, 17 kW (10.88 hp)


Auxiliary power generators from Jenoptik secure a reliable power supply for the electrical systems in your military vehicles while also saving on fuel.
Auxiliary power units: Securing the supply of electric energy

Auxiliary power units and generator sets provide military vehicles and mobile platforms with electrical energy that is tailored to the individual on-board system or electrical consumers such as drives.

The auxiliary power generator set, also known as the auxiliary power unit or APU, is a robust and compact combination of diesel engine, alternator and rectifier. It generates power in line with the relevant requirements of the vehicle and converts this power to the voltage of the on-board system. The APU assumes responsibility for the power supply independently of the vehicle's main engine. This enables to save on fuel, as the main engine does not need to be running constantly in order to operate your on-board systems. The APU is extremely quiet in its operation, allowing you to operate your vehicles and platforms in "silent mode".

Operated together with the main engine, the genset guarantees an additional stronger output for the power supply, to compensate for load peaks, for example. In the event that the main engine fails, you can be sure that your electrical systems will continue to function. The APU secures an emergency power supply in this case.