DPSS laser / infrared
JenLas® disk IR50 / IR70 JENOPTIK I Laser & Materialbearbeitung


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The JenLas disk IR50 and IR70 are made with respective output powers at 45 and 65 watts. These disk-laser-generation units from Jenoptik are made for processing materials of all kinds. These lasers can prepare strong units with optimal laser parameters like an adjustable laser pulse length and an adjustable repetition rate. These are made with an infrared spectral range that works for industrial applications in many processing fields like micro dicing and drilling fields.

This works for Emitter Wrap Through processes, Metal Wrap Through controls and Laser Fried Contacts. This also supports wafer dicing and scribing. It can manage microcutting and will work with a pulse length that is decoupled to enhance the overall laser function in a setting. The disk laser design can also be adjusted as required.


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