Surface measuring system / profile
0.1-12 mm/s | HOMMEL-ETAMIC T8000 R JENOPTIK Industrial Metrology Germany GmbH


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The systems in the HOMMEL-ETAMIC T8000 R product series are suitable for roughness measurement, being designed to tackle the most demanding tasks when it comes to professional roughness metrology. These devices are compatible with the latest international standards, being used both in production and in measuring rooms. Note that the design allows different expansion levels of the measuring station configurations and comes with various upgrade possibilities for topography and contour measurement.

The high precision traverse is possible for skidless measurement, while the modular structure PC-based evaluation unit comes with a robust Gauss filter, in accordance to ISO 16610-31 standards. Note that the traverse length is between 60 and 120mm, while the suitability for waviness and roughness measurement is also worth mentioning.


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