DPSS laser / infrared
JenLas® disk IR50 / IR70 JENOPTIK Laser & Materialbearbeitung

The JenLas® disk IR50 & JenLas® disk IR70 with output powers of 45 W and 65 W are Jenoptik´s disk-laser-generation for precision material processing.

The lasers allow achieving the highest quality at maximum throughput.
Product features are optimal laser parameters such as adjustable laser pulse length and independently adjustable repetition rate. The excellent beam quality in the infrared spectral range is suitable for industrial applications in photovoltaic and micro material processing, such as micro dicing, micro drilling and micro structuring.

Scope of Application:
Solar cell processing
- EWT (Emitter Wrap Through)
- MWT (Metal Wrap Through)
- LFC (Laser Fired Contacts)
Wafer dicing / scribing
Microcutting (e.g. Stent cutting)

The unique feature of the JenLas® disk IR50 / IR70 is the decoupling of pulse length and pulse repetition rate, thus optimally adapting the required laser parameters to a given application.

Laserparameter adjustable
Disk laser design
Passively-cooled diodes
High pulse repetition rate
Fast AOM power control

Optimized application
Superior beam quality over power range
Long Life Performance
Fast processing
Flexible application


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