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analysis microscope / electron / high-contrast / ultra-high resolution
JEM-3200FS Jeol



  • Technical applications:

    for analysis

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-contrast, ultra-high resolution, digital camera, FA-STEM

  • Resolution:

    Min.: 0.1 nm

    Max.: 0.26 nm


The JEM-3200FS is Jeol's field emission electron microscope that features an in-column energy filter that is made within the system of imaging lens, enabling the magnification range to be almost similar to those attained ones which contain conventional electron microscopes and it lets the energy filtered images and energy loss spectra to be acquired without any hassle.

Furthermore, the product uses a Windows®*1user interface for the operation of programming of the central control of attachments. It also consists of a recently developed and integrated goniometer with piezoelectric driving elements to preset users a higher magnification of the specimen. For the product's specifications, it has a 0.9 eV energy resolution with a ≧7×108 A/cm2 ・ sr brightness and 2×10-6/min accurate voltage.