dowel pin / coiled / grooved / steel
318xx series Jergens Inc.



  • Type:

    dowel, coiled, grooved

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Dowels: Pull, alloy steel spiral groove, pins used in blind hole applications
Picture for category Spiral Groove Alloy Steel Pull Dowels

Features and Benefits:
Internally threaded hole allows removal of pull dowels with a standard screw.
Typically used in blind hole applications.
Dowels feature a groove cut to allow trapped air to be released.
Constructed of heat treated alloy steel.

Technical Data:
Material: Alloy Steel
Length Tolerance: +/- 0.010"
Core Hardness: 47-58 Rockwell C
Diameter Tolerance: +/- 0.0001"
Surface Hardness: 60-64 Rockwell C
Recommended Hole Size: 0.0005" under Nom. Dia
Surface Finish: 8 Micro-Inch
Specification: ASME B18.8.2

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