articulated hoist ring / 360° swivel / 180° swivel / screw-in
Shackle-Lok™ 244xx series Jergens Inc.



  • Configuration:

    articulated, 360° swivel, 180° swivel

  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:

    shackle, stainless steel

  • Capacity:

    Max.: 50,000 lb (22,679.6 kg)

    Min.: 550 lb (249.5 kg)


It has the highest variability in operation and traversing range and has perfectly concerted, miniaturized components. It has unique center hole for camera monitoring, a laser feed through and a tool interference. The Z-axis, Compact, Efficient Linear Axis HSB Beta is designed for higher movement speed. The Miniature Joint Arm rotary MGR is specifically developed, electrically driven and highly geared. The Harmonic Drive gear is combined with planetary stage integrated cable feed. The MGD Mininature Joint Arm feed-through rotates continuously. The Shaft is swiveling endlessly suitable for applications with low clearances. It has two integrated air feed-through for pneumatic grippers.

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