HMI with keyboard / panel-mount / 128 x 64 / IP65
BT 20 Jetter


  • Interface:

    with keyboard

  • Mounting:


  • Resolution:

    128 x 64

  • Other characteristics:

    IP65, programmable, LCD


With the BT20, we offer an operator panel for complete machine operator control. Thanks to tight front panel installation, the BT20 achieves a degree of protection of IP65. The marker strips are inserted from the sealed inner side of the device which ensures that this degree of protection is maintained. Extensive tests have shown that the BT20 is both reliable and suitable for use in industrial applications.

It supports the following communication protocols:

3964 R, ABB, AB-DF1, AB-DH485, AEG KS functions, AEG-Modbus, Bosch BUEP19, Bosch BUEP19E, Crouzet, Jetter, Mitsubishi, Modbus, Moeller Sucom A, Omron, SEW-Eurodrive, Siemens L1, Siemens MPI, Siemens PPI, (additional protocols on request)

Supported bus systems are:
Interbus-S, Profibus-DP, CAN, Modbus+

Distinctive Features:

Full-graphics monochrome display, backlit
Extended temperature range: -20 ... 60 °C
8 user-programmable function keys (as option additional 24, or 48 function keys with LED)
Numeric keypad
Integrated language selection
Error diagnostics with 4 priorities
Flash memory with power failure protection
Portable project and/or recipe memory


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