ECG Series Jewell Instruments

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gyrocompass gyrocompass - ECG Series


If your compass application involves vibration, acceleration, uneven terrain, or rough seas, the ECG Series is an uncompromising solution that will outperform rival units that cost more. The ECG provides remarkably accurate heading, pitch, and roll in dynamic conditions. It all starts with a precision 3-axis solid-state magnetometer. Two angular rate gyros independently stabilize pitch and roll. They augment a dual-axis, electrolytic tilt sensor that provides precise tilt measurements in static environments. Two sets of independent filters, one set for pitch and one for roll, combine gyro and electrolytic sensor measurements to provide the best available tilt measurements.

- Exceptional Dynamic Performance
- High Static Accuracy
- RS232 & RS485 Outputs Available
- Precise Calibration
- Single Supply Operation
- Plastic or Aluminum Enclosure Options