electronic compass / 3D / tilt-compensated
ECV Series Jewell Instruments



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    3D, tilt-compensated


The ECV eCompass Series provides stable azimuth, pitch, and roll measurements in dynamic conditions. An enhanced version of our ECG Series, the ECV includes a full suite of precision, 3-axis, MEMS sensors and an optional dual-axis electrolytic tilt sensor, for the ultimate in near-level accuracy. A high performance microcontroller orchestrates the fast measurement sequence, sensor calibration adjustments, frame-of-reference translations, trigonometric calculations, and advanced signal processing required to provide accurate heading, pitch, and roll outputs.

- Wide Operating Temperature Range
- RS232 & RS485 Outputs Available
- Fast Response
- Low Power
- Two Independent Serial Channels
- In-System Configuration & Test
- Plastic or Aluminum Enclosure Options