band-pass electronic filter / passive / EMI / three-phase
EBK6 series Jiangsu Jianli Electronic Technology Co.,ltd.



  • Bandwidth:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    EMI, three-phase, compact, industrial, power line, chassis-mounted, two-stage

  • Voltage:

    480 V, 275 V

  • Frequency:

    50 Hz, 60 Hz


3-Phase EMI Power Line Filters 250Ato 1600A current rating.
Compact dimensions, High cost-effective.
Transparent protective covers for filter with busbars can protect operator.
Small leakage Current, two-stage LCR circuit with High Attenuation for both
Common and Differential Mode.
Suited for heavy Interference industrial control systems, Such as unfiltered -
frequency inverters and switch-mode power supplies or servodrive etc.
Compliance with EMC Directives.