storage warehouse shelving / stackable
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    storage warehouse

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Stack racking is widely used in manufacturing , transportation, removing as well as packing. All UNION stack racking with powder coating or galvanized are widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
UNION's stack racking can be collapsible and foldable.


Material: Steel
Surface Finish: Epoxy power coated / Galvanized
Stacking pallet size: Customized
Capacity: Customized (300-4000kg)
Stacking Layer: 3-4 layers or customized
Entry access: 2 or 4
Color: Customized
Application: bulk goods, industrial goods, etc

Our stacking pallet is alos called stacking racking, when you want to stack the pallet and don't want to buy racking system, you can choose it, it also can be moved by forklift.