steel pallet box / wire mesh / storage / folding
UN-MC0801 Jiangsu Union Logistics System Engineering Co.,Ltd



  • Material:

    steel, wire mesh

  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:



The Mesh Box Pallets UN-MC0801 is made out of baoshan qualitative steel-wire. It has box pallet which is foldable. Its multi-welding spot enables the compactness and endurance of this product. Its bolt structure ensures the users for easily to get the goods out in several basket pile-up. A bended mental handle that is easy to grip.

When loaded down, the stabilization assures special feet design. The metal assistant structure enables the intensity of the piled baskets while the chain assistance design strengthens the intensity of the basket chains. The U-type steel on the base guarantees the capacity of bearing and a screw-type chain is a space-saver when folded.