Storage warehouse shelving / cantilever / for heavy loads / for long items
ISO9001, ISO14001 | UN-CR0808 Jiangsu Union Logistics System Engineering Co.,Ltd


  • Type:

    storage warehouse, cantilever

  • Capacity:

    for heavy loads, for long items

  • Other characteristics:

    medium-duty, exterior


We have designed Cantilever Racking for different needs and you will get different choices here. It is designed based on the logistics systems. We provide various options according to your needs. It is designed to conveniently store and handle different items like lumber and pipes, bar stocks, timber and other relevant items. It is designed with the highest quality steel and with powder coated or galvanized and colored surfaces. You can use the rack according to your convenience, because you can divide it into different sided cantilever rack.
It is designed with different carrying capacities, including light, medium and heavy. We plan the design according to the requirements of our clients. You are requested to inform us for any inquiry for quick response. Our cantilever racking is famous in the markets of Europe, Australia and Asia. You will get top quality product with good outlook. While submitting a quotation, you have to write about AutoCAD drawing, size of the warehouse, width height and depth of the shelving system, and number of bays you want, number of layers you required, and loading capacity of the each layer and RAL color according to your desires.


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