vibration damping optical table / honeycomb / precision / pneumatic
ZDT-B Series Jiangxi Liansheng Technology Co., Ltd.



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    vibration damping, honeycomb, precision, pneumatic


▪ Vibration isolation damping optical breadboard for surface resonance elimination
▪ High density honeycomb core structure breadboard
▪ Automatic self leveling
▪ Clean top with sealed cups
▪ Extra low inherent frequency in horizontal direction

With the innovated design of the pendulum rod structure, the ZDT-B type pneumatic isolators can achieve much lower inherent frequency in horizontal direction and better load capacity, compared with other conventional pneumatic air spring vibration isolators. In fact the innovated design and technology of pendulum rod has been granted as the state level innovation patent. The critical components of the pneumatic system are made by FESTO. The silent air compressor needs to be ordered separately.

▪High precision optical microscopes, Bio-medical applications
▪Optical path testing and measurement
▪Laser scanning and interferometers
▪Spectrometers and high precision measuring
▪Integrated electronics and other optical devices or experiment that requires for very high vibration isolation performance