optical breadboard
MOT-K Series Jiangxi Liansheng Technology Co., Ltd.

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optical breadboard optical breadboard - MOT-K Series


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·Breadboard core filled with vibration damping material to eliminate the resonance on the breadboard surface;
·Medium carbon steel wallboard provides high mechanical strength;
·High rigidity without deformation for loading performance.
·Customization for type and size of mounting holes

Main Applications:
- Foundation of optical, medical experiments and high precision equipment as well as aviation equipment checking and testing;
KMT Series breadboards can provide solid mounting base and improve the precision performance for the experiments with its vibration isolation layer. The mounting holes on the top surface plate can be customized. The core structure is with wielding networks, including top and bottom skins, sealed cups and Medium carbon steel wallboard. Within the core it is filled with vibration damping material. The massive massive weight helps to brings down the gravity. The top skin of the breadboard uses anti-corrosive magnetic or non-magnetic stainless steel to ensure the cleanness of the labs. The material used for the sealed cups stretching aluminum which prevents the impact of vibration caused by environment noise on the core of the breadboard. The sealed cup, with easy cleaning, can also prevent the inside core of the breadboard to be contaminated from dust, water or other small objects. Inside wallboard network structure ensures the mechanical strength. Aluminum plastic composite finishing for the side walls makes the appearance pleasant.