optical breadboard
MOT- S Series Jiangxi Liansheng Technology Co., Ltd.

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optical breadboard optical breadboard - MOT- S Series


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Product Features:
▪ Natural material of Granite that has been formed with millions of years, with super reliability and high stability
▪ Good rigidity without deflection under working load
▪ Customized mounting holes ca be made upon request
▪ Long lasting service life without surface deflections due to residual stress

Granite surface plate breadboard is widely applied in the scientific fields of optical experiments, medical researches,high precision devices manufacturing and testing as well as aviation labs etc. Being naturally formed through a long time span of millions of years underground, the granite has a very stable structure without surface deflection under normal working temperature and load capacity. With the appearance of shinny blackness and homogeneous quality, it features high rigidity and hardness. It also with the nature of anti corrosive, non magnetic and risistance to scratch and wear.