Translation stage / motorized / precision / for large loads
LSDP-FG-F Series Jiangxi Liansheng Technology Co., Ltd.


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    precision, for large loads, ball screw


Product Features:
1. 42 stepper motor with standard S232 connection.
2. Ball screw adopts the latest bearing structure with locking mechanism, high resetting accuracy and precision performance with long using life.
3. Fine linear slide block guiding rails integrated with the bottom plate with comfortable translation movement.
4. Pretightenng blanking interval, high loading capacity in terms of single axis stage.
5. The latest bearing end locking mechanism suitable for high speeding traveling.
6. Square shaped and integrated fine linear slide-block guiding rails, with pretightening force interval, providing excellent lenear and loading capacity with comfortable translation movement.
7. The stepper motor is connected with the ball screw via top quality and high elastic coupling to realize synchrodrive without noise.
8. Limit switches installed in both ends of the screw for better positioning and equipment protection.
9. The stepper motor can be replaced by servo motor a an option to gain higher speed.
10. Standard thread holes and through-holes for easy mounting.


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