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Gantry type milling and engraving machine
1300 x 2500 mm | BRW1325BH Jinan Bodor CNC machine CO.,LTD.

Product Description:Woodworking Engraving Machines BRW-BH Series

1.The lathe bed is strong and without distortion.
2. X、Y axes transmission with gear rack, Z axis transmission with import Germany ball screws, ensures stable and smooth movement of the machine.
3. Double motors and drivers of Y axis ensure steady movement.
4. Application of driver with high definition subdivision ensures fast speed and high accuracy.
5. High power spindle, brushless, water cooling/air cooling, working vigorously with low noise.
6. The BRW Vacuum Adsorption Woodworking Machine Series: adopt vacuum system, configured with vacuum pump of strong adsorption which can adsorb materials with different size.
7. Humanized design of vacuum table with T-slot and clamps, can adsorb or clamp the material,operation is convenient.
8. Automatic lubrication system fulfills the periodic lubrication maintenance just by a slight press .
Working Area (X*Y*Zmm):1300*2500*500mm
X, Y Structure:Rack gear
Z Structure:Ball Screw
Max Moving Speed:32000mm/min
Max Engraving Speed:20000mm/min
XYZ traveling positioning accuracy:±0.04/300mm
XYZ repositioning accuracy:±0.04mm
Spindle power:3kw/4.5kw/6kw/8kw
Spindle Speed:6000-24000rpm
Diameter of cutter:ф3.175,ф6,ф12.7
Drive type:Stepper(Option:servo)
Working Dictate :G Code
Operating system:NC-Studio(Option:Dsp System,match 3 PC software)
USB:Flash memory 128M(U Disk)
Software Compatiibility:Type3,Ucancam (option,Artcam Software)
Running Environment:
Temperature: 0℃~45℃
Relative humidity: 30%~75%


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