Fiber laser marking machine / compact
10 - 20 W, 100 x 100 mm | BML-F Series Jinan Bodor CNC machine CO.,LTD.


  • Technique:

    fiber laser

  • Other characteristics:



The Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine BML-FP is designed uniquely with a Laser Power of 10W, Laser Wavelength of 1064nm, Q-frequency of 20KHz~30KHz, Divergence of 0.3mard along with a 100*100mm marking range. The device being an ideal option for delicate marking is capable of handling size, depth and shape most accurately. These are equipped with advanced fiber module that render a high quality output beam and are highly energy conserving giving them a prolonged operational life.
The compactly designed machines featuring a minimum Line Width of 0.02mm,minimum Character of 0.15mm and a marking Depth of 0~0.5mm are capable of engraving any type of metal or nonmetal materials. You are provided with a high speed laser marking through the high pulse repeating rate and stable power which in turn lowers the unit pulse power surge while the received speed is much faster than the traditional diode pumped marking machine. The air-cooling smart machine size ensures easily controlled laser dot size, thickness and shape. Additionally,the device renders an ultra-low power consumption of 0.5 kw and an efficiency conversion reach to over 30%.


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