laser marking machine / benchtop / for tubes / for electronic components
NC-DP50 Jinan Nice-Cut Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.



  • Technique:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    for tubes, for electronic components

  • X travel:

    110 mm

  • Y travel:

    110 mm


50W laser marking machine adopts the most advanced international technology,uses the semiconductor light emitting diode pump ND:YAG medium, with the wavelength of 808nm.. Causes the medium to produce the massive reverses granule, forms the wave length in under the Q switch function is the 1064nm great pulse laser output, the electric light transfer efficiency is high. The volume of this kind of laser is small, which is 1/4 of traditional DP laser machine.
Semiconductor laser marking machine is widely applied in most metals marking and non-Metal marking, specially for high precise processing. Such as electronic components, communication equipments, glasses and watch, auto parts, plastic buttons, tools, tableware, meters, gift, PVC pipes, electrical appliances, label, package etc.