metal cutting machine / fiber laser / CNC / high-speed
NC-F3015 Jinan Nice-Cut Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.



  • Material:

    for metal

  • Technology:

    fiber laser

  • Control type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • X travel:

    3,000 mm

  • Y travel:

    1,500 mm

  • Laser power:

    500 W


Features of fiber cnc laser cutting metal machine

l Excellent beam quality: smaller focused spot make more efficient work and cutting quality.

l High cutting speed: its speed is twice of the same CO2 tube laser cutting machine

l High stability: the world’s top fiber laser generator makes stable performance, and the key components of the machine owns the life of up to 100,000 hours

l High electro-optical conversion efficiency: fiber laser is three times higher than CO2 laser and saving energy

l Low use-cost: whole machine consume less energy, only 20%-30% of traditional CO2 laser machine

l Low using cost: no laser working gas, it is by fiber optic transmission, without lens reflecting, can save a lot of maintenance costs

l Smart operation and easy maintenance: optical fiber transmission, no need to adjust the optical path

l Super flexible light guide effect: compact structure, satisfies flexible processing requirements