blown film coextrusion line / 5-layer
Superex Jinming Machinery (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.



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    blown film

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SuperexTM Blown Film Machine uses advanced processing technology, dies and runners, and a next-generation high-efficiency multi-outlet cooling air ring independently developed and produced by Jinming Machinery to achieve high-degree automation and high productivity.

The SuperexTM equipment with the next-generation high-efficiency multi-outlet cooling air ring has the following features:

Increase of output

Jinming Machinery’s proprietary next-generation high-efficiency multi-outlet cooling air ring increases the cooling efficiency by more than 40% compared with common air rings (or automatic air rings) with double outlets in the China market. As a result, the output of the production line will increase by 40-50% when the extrusion capacity is ensured. Testing data show that the production capacity of a 300mm die is up to 420kg/h, which is ranked at the top in the industry.

Improvement of physical properties of film

After coming out of the die, the film bubble will first be pre-cooled at the lower air ring, and then blown up at the upper air ring so that the film bubble will have high strength and the products will have a high blown-up ratio. This cooling technique is similar to the POF and HDPE blow-up method.

Steady product precision control

Improvement of product quality

High cost performance