blown film coextrusion line / 5-layer
Barrier series Jinming Machinery (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.



  • Type:

    blown film

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Classicx 5- to 9-layer Coextrusion High Barrier Blown Film Machine

Since screws and die head of the MBL line are specially designed for processing gas barrier resins such as PA and EVOH, this line is mainly used for producing various specifications of five or more layers film which can meet the demands for gas barrier (O2, N2, CO2…) for the purpose of refreshment, preservation, sealing and shelf life extension.

The whole line is designed in a modular idea that is making it easier for processing different resins, formulas and new products.

Precise layer ratio control system makes it possible to save expensive resin while ensuring the barrier function.

Auto gauge control system equips with closed-loop control system consisting of inline thickness measurement and automatic die head (automatic air ring) for automatic detection of film thickness and control.

The centralized computer control system controls the temperature, rotating speed, pressure, wind speed, haul-off speed, tension and line speed with the digital communication network, displaying and monitoring temperature, pressure, current, voltage, tension, speed, film length and other parameters. The system also has functions of automatic alarms and can run a self-diagnosis routine.