blown film coextrusion line / agricultural film
Agricultural PO Jinming Machinery (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.



  • Type:

    blown film

  • Applications:

    agricultural film


Classicx PO Agricultural Blown Film Machine
Advantages of PO coating agricultural film:

A wide range of resin is applicable. It will get to the same transparency, softness and thermal insulation even without EVA resin.

It keeps characterized anti-drop and fog-eliminating during film service life (2 to 5 years).

It improves anti-dust function, keeps high light transmittance and slows decay.

Good film mechanical property makes it possible to reduce the thickness of film.

PO coating agricultural blown film machine is able to produce films with max width of 16meter.

Three-layer coextrusion die head in central spiral feeding and special distributor structure manufacturing by CNC centers guarantees good gauge profile.

Specialized agricultural air ring improves gauge variation in transverse direction by 30%.

It applies swing type folding winder.

It applies centralized computer control system.