Blown film coextrusion line / with water cooling / barrier film
MS7R-650Q-C Jinming Machinery (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.


  • Type:

    blown film

  • Other characteristics:

    with water cooling

  • Applications:

    barrier film


Classicx Multi-bubble High Barrier Blown Film Machine

Classicx Multi-bubble High Barrier Blown Film Machine

Classicx Water Quench Blown Film Machine
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High barrier heat shrinkable film is widely used in packaging of meat products (ham, sausage, fresh meat and poultry meat), dairy products (cheese and butter), frozen foods and irregularly-shaped goods.

Multi-bubble film, available exclusively on Jinming’s MSR multi-bubble blown film line for heat shrinkable film, is suitable for processing PA, EVOH and other gas barrier resins. By using multi-bubble blowing technique, after the high barrier film being biaxial orientation stretched and through heat shaping treatment, the film will get controllable shrinkage and no thermal stress existing.


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