Ethernet slip ring / capsule / for measurement instruments / compact
LPM series JINPAT Electronics Co., Ltd.


  • Type:


  • Construction:


  • Applications:

    for measurement instruments

  • Other characteristics:


  • Current:

    2 A

  • Voltage:

    240 V

  • Number of contacts:

    Min.: 1 unit

    Max.: 30 unit


LPM series slip rings are extended products of LPC series, which enjoy smaller dimension and better compact design.

- The standard diameter of LPM series slip rings could be from 12.5-16.0mm.
- 1-30 circuits are optional.
- LPM series is mainly applied in transferring precise signal and weak curren.
- Current and signal combination solution is available. (For example, video, control signal, sensor signal, Ethernet signal, power combination).
- Low torque, low loss, low electrical noise and maintenance free.
Suitable for small installation space environment, such as, CCTV, robotics, total station, test instrument, rotating table and so on.
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