capsule slip ring / electric / Ethernet / HD-SDI
JINPAT Electronics Co., Ltd.



  • Type:

    electric, Ethernet, HD-SDI, USB

  • Construction:


  • Material:

    plastic, aluminum

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, high-speed, digital, micro

  • Rotational speed:

    Min.: 1 rpm (6 rad.min-1)

    Max.: 500 rpm (3,142 rad.min-1)

  • Current:

    Min.: 2 A

    Max.: 10 A

  • Voltage:

    240 V

    Min.: 1 V

    Max.: 240 V

  • Number of contacts:

    Min.: 3 unit

    Max.: 300 unit


Capsule Slip Rings
LPC series is a group of Capsule Slip Rings of compact design manufactured by JINPAT, with the outer diameter of 22-54mm and 220 circuits at most. Such electrical swivels are designed perfectly for transmitting weak signals. On one hand, the special mold workshop centers on a high precision and reliability of the products; On the other hand, introduced gold plating technology from international partners secures a low electrical noise (mini 1mΩ). Both of the two sides prompt an elevated performance of the electrical transducers. Quantities of advanced technical equipment allow a large productivity of 5 million pieces a year while high-precision test instruments guarantee a high quality which can stand the wet calorific test.

Technical Ability

Circuits: 1~220circuits
Signal & Data Compatible: 4k HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, USB3.0, LVDS, CANBUS, RS422,CC-Link,InterBus,DeviceNet, Profibus

Current Rating: 3A per circuit
Voltage Rating: 10000VAC
Insulation Resistance: 1000MΩ@500VDC
Electrical Noise: Min 1mΩ

Operating Speed: 0-18000rpm
Outer Diameter: 5.5mm
Weight: ≤0.7g
Torque: ≤0.88g.m
Vibration Resistance: 2000Hz
Life: 80 million turns

Temperature: -60℃~+210℃
Humidity: 95%RH
IP: IP68
Pneumatic Pressure: 0.8MPa
Explosion-proof: ≥ Grade ∏

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