Hollow-shaft slip ring / for harsh environments
JINPAT Electronics Co., Ltd.


  • Construction:


  • Other characteristics:

    for harsh environments

  • Rotational speed:

    300 rpm (1884.96 rad.min-1)

  • Current:

    2 A

  • Voltage:

    380 V

  • Number of contacts:

    Min.: 1 unit

    Max.: 6 unit


The LPT012B-0602 provides an economical, readily available solution when a compact through-bore configuration is required.

This unit provides a 12.7mm through-bore for routing hydraulic or pneumatic lines.the 2 amps /circuit are available in 1-6 rings.


1. Precious metal contacts
2. 2 amps rings
3. Precision ball bearings for long life
4. Speed up to 300 rpm continuous
5. Compact size
6. Sealed units available
7. Flying leads
8. Fully compatible with both analog and TTL control level signals
9. Rugged black anodized aluminum construction


1. Unique signal handling performance with minimal electrical circuit noise
2. Compact design to fit in the most demanding space constraints
3. Low torque minimizes system torque budget
4. Rapid delivery

Main Application

1. Packaging / wrapping machinery
2. Semiconductor handling systems
3. Industrial machinery
4. Exhibit Display machinery
5. Medical equipment
6. Rotary index tables
7. Process control equipment
8. Emergency lighting
9. robotics Palletizing machines,
10. Heavy equipment turrets or cable reels


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