Miniature slip ring / high-speed / custom
LPT004-045-0205-3202. JINPAT Electronics Co., Ltd.


  • Other characteristics:

    miniature, high-speed, custom

  • Rotational speed:

    50 rpm (314.16 rad.min-1)

  • Current:

    Min.: 2 A

    Max.: 5 A

  • Voltage:

    380 V

  • Number of contacts:

    50 unit


This miniature solid shaft slip ring provides flange for rotor installation or end of shaft for installation,it features long life,2 circuits @5A 400V and 32 circuits@2A 400V. fiber brush contact technology for ultimate performance in many challenging applications.It can support shielding wires on request, and shield rings inside, special for encoder signal and servo motor control signal.

please provide your special needs ,our sales engineers will provide you recommendation or customization.


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