cyclone separator / particle / for the plastics industry



  • Technology:


  • Separated substance:


  • Application domain:

    for the plastics industry

  • Filtration size:

    80 mm


The Standard air cone separator plant is designed for the material separation of heavy and light material up to 80 mm. During the filling procedure the product mixture is introduced centrally and is evenly distributed over the entire width of the separator via a top inlet, until it reaches the separation zone.

Via multiple cross-flow separation pro­cedure the light material is extracted out of the product mixture. Heavy material falls through the rising air flow and is released at the separator base. Light material is discharged together with the air at the upper part of the separator. Finally it is transported over a grade pipeline to a cyclone. The interior operational space of the separator is designed in a special way so that there are no disturbances in the created air streams between the floating and raising light mate­rial and gravitational falling heavy material. The light material is steadily separated at a high throughput rate. During the operation of the air cone separator the total air supply is fed as filtered air and is released as discharged air behind the separator. The air supply and regulation is made through the exhaust air fan as a single ventilator in the system (suction mode).