air separator / particle / for the recycling industry / process



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    for the recycling industry, process


The K-Separator is placed on top of the aspiration cover of the JOEST separation table to pre-separate very light products. The feeding material is conveyed by a vibration or dosing feeder to the K-Separator. The vibration feeder spreads the product over the whole width of the separator and prevents at the same time that additional air enters the separator by using rubber curtains.

The product mixture is led into the separation zone and will be separated into heavy and light fractions by cross flow and counter current flow separation process. The ultra light fraction is exhausted at an aspiration socket. The heavy fraction gets in the separation table and will again be separated into heavy and light fraction (see description of separation table). The process air of the separation table is also used for the sifting, adjustments can be made by a flap inside the K-Separator.