fiber optic signal converter / decoder / for rotary encoders
max. 100 kHz, HTL/TTL | LWL Johannes Hübner Giessen



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    for rotary encoders, for fiber optics


When signals are transmitted via fiber optic cables (FOC), the active parallel signals 0°, 90°, reference pulse and LED check are coded in the transmitter before being transmitted to the decoder in the switchboard via a fiber optic cable. The optical signals are converted back to electric signals in the decoder and issued with inverted signals. Utilizing FOC components from Johannes Huebner Giessen makes it possible to achieve high data transmission rates even with long lengths of cable. EMC immunity ensures high transmission reliability. Options include electrical isolation for the incremental encoder/decoder as well as two output blocks, HTL and/or TTL for the FOC decoder. FOC cable break monitoring increases system reliability.