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Metal bellows type mechanical seal for high temperatures
-280 °C ... +425 °C, max. 25 barg | 1604 John Crane

The Type 1604 high-temperature, high-performance Type C, Arrangement 1, API 682/ISO 21049 qualified cartridge seal is designed for high-temperature applications such as hot hydrocarbons and crude oil fractionation products. The Type 1604 utilizes a stationary Inconel 718 welded metal bellows with flexible carbon graphite secondary seals. The stationary mounted metal bellows seal is able to handle higher shaft speeds. The Type 1604 utilizes a segmented spring-loaded carbon throttle bushing for effective containment and can come equipped with a retained mating ring for vacuum service. The Type 1604 is often supported by an API Plan 62 quench (steam) and a steam guide for effectively routing of the steam to the seal faces to help eliminate any coke build-up that could occur when sealing hot hydrocarbons.


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